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The Coming Christian Holocaust

By R.S. Weinberg
Leave it to those troublesome Zionists who control the world along with their Evangelical stooges who do their bidding; the FBI recently trampled upon the rights of Mohammed Alkaramia who claims he was just celebrating a tradition of his religion of peace when the Zionist-backed American Gestapo barged into his home and hauled him off to jail.

 "Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me." (Matthew 24:9)


Leave it to those troublesome Zionists who control the world along with their Evangelical stooges who do their bidding; the FBI recently trampled upon the rights of Mohammed Alkaramia who claims he was just celebrating a tradition of his religion of peace when the Zionist-backed American Gestapo barged into his home and hauled him off to jail.


And just what did Alkaramia do that infuriated the world's secret Jewish cabal? He was giving glory to Allah by threatening to blow up a Jewish high school building in Chicago along with its students because of Israel's recent excursion into Gaza to rid that territory of its Iranian-backed Hamas terrorist infrastructure. Since Jew-hatred is a time-honored cultural staple of Islam, Alkaramia felt discriminated against and naturally fingered the Jews for his incarceration.


Alkaramia claims the threat was a just a hoax and that disdaining Jews is just as normal to Islam as Santa Claus is to Christmas. Evidently, Alkaramia's Jew-disdain has gone beyond issuing frivolous bomb threats; both he and his father have accumulated an extensive criminal record for spray-painting nasty things on Jewish synagogues along with busting out a few windows. And so Alkaramia's taking his case to America's far Left media who seem to have an affinity for characters like him and he's hoping that their growing anti-Semitism will help influence his trial when it comes up as long as the Zionists don't install a Jewish judge.


But America's media seems too preoccupied these days with bashing and trashing Evangelicals to be bothered with grievance-mongering Muslims. Since 9/11/2001 they've been trying to level the playing field between the "few" Islamic radicals who have betrayed the religion of peace and the majority of Born-Again Christians who are getting blamed for everything from Global Warming to the global recession to the earth's burgeoning population numbers. But those "few" radicals who've given the religion of peace a bad name do seem to get around; besides 9/11 there was the Khobar Towers, Madrid Spain, (2004) the London Subway system (2005) and the big automobile barbecue in France (2005) just for starters.


And when the "few" radicals aren't blowing things up, they're threatening to chop the heads off of those who disagree with their theology. Dutch politician Geert Wilders is being prosecuted by his own government for producing a film that suggests that Islam's got more than just a few wayward nuts and he's been told by the British to stay out of the UK. Pretty soon, with Islam sweeping across the western side of the European continent, he'll be looking for asylum somewhere in Venezuela provided that Hugo Chavez doesn't appease his Iranian friend Ahmadinejad and declare Islam the new state religion.


And so while Islamists seem to be ratcheting up the violence across the globe and threatening to blow Israel and much of Western Europe off of the map, the world's fixated with hatred for Evangelical Christians. While the Muslim Brotherhood and its western acolytes such as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) can send a steady stream of clerics and Imams into American prisons to proselytize the religion of peace to hardcore convicts, Evangelicals are told in no uncertain terms to pack their bibles and get out. And while American Muslims can take their protests to the streets under police protection to show their contempt for Israel and her Gaza muscle, Evangelicals are told to get lost or face incarceration when they show up at Gay events and abortion clinics.


The underlying problem for this is the sabbatical that Christendom took several decades ago when much of the church decided that the world was a more attractive place than Christ's heavenly kingdom. Faith dissolved into religiosity and fellowship degenerated into Churchianity. The cross moved from centerstage in many churches to a distant backdrop as the world and its assorted cultures took over. John 14:6 went from the only way to eternal life to just an optional way no different than the paths of Muhammad, Zoroaster or Lao-tzu. A. W. Tozer has been dead for over 40 years and yet the late prominent evangelist saw this coming even in the 1950's; a powerless and lifeless Christianity dominated by social-action programs, protest marches and processions of clerics in clown costumes spreading burning incense as they walked the aisles of their mausoleum sanctuaries.


That's not a Christianity that changes the world, but rather a dead religion on life support that has been changed by the world. Tozer warned that unless the Christendom kept the money-changers out of the church, the money-changers would change the faith and lead the faithful away from Christ to filthy lucre. And so Fred K.C. Price has his Rolls Royce; Kenneth Copeland his mansions and Benny Hinn his legions of brainwashed followers who finance his big con job ministry along with his pricey haircuts and even pricier threads. For every good and honest ministry that still remains, there are too many that have sold out Christ and bought the farm. When Indian chiefs in full regalia with faces decorated with Benjamin Moore show up in the pulpits of Evangelical mega-churches, then you know it's over.


But that's hardly surprising, given that Jesus warned of this 2,000 years ago when he described what the state of the faith would look like in the last days preceding his return: "At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people." (Matthew 24:10-11) You can turn away from the faith and still pretend to be in the faith as evidenced by many professing Born-Again Christians today who see no relevance in the Cross anymore. Barna Research proves that; out of every five Christians who claim to be Born-Again, only one still believes that faith in Christ's death on Calvary's Cross provides the only everlasting atonement for sin.


And so the danger in those numbers is twofold; (1) it underscores that too much of Christianity has been compromised with the godless world and its equally godless religions and (2) that fewer Christians are being properly equipped to spread the Great Commission. (Matthew 28: 16-20) A significant part of being equipped to evangelize the Commission is being able to withstand the inevitable persecution when it comes from both inside and outside the church. The church establishment-and this isn't just the mainline denominations-gets hysterical over introspection because they consider it harsh and judgmental when you call out bad preachers and corrupt ministries. But if you warn your family and friends to stay away from medical quacks who fill up graveyards with their malpractice, then your duty as a Christian is to warn them to stay away from clerical quacks that fill up hell with their spiritual malpractice.


And we have churches that are big on the Gospel and short on what makes it exclusive. You can preach John 3:16, John 14:6 and Romans 10:9-11 all day long, but you have to include the bad with the good. While Christ is the only way to everlasting life and the only escape from eternal damnation, Muhammad is not; neither is Buddha nor Vishnu nor Joseph Smith nor Rabbinic Judaism. If you can't distinguish the good from the bad, then Christ becomes just another religious figure who's no different from the rest. You don't call out falsehood by looking down your nose at it; you call it out by exposing its subterfuge and lies. Islam's Qu'ran has so many historical inaccuracies and contradictions that only a fool believes that it's divinely inspired and yet few in Christendom today will point that out for fear of being labeled politically incorrect.


In days to come, true Christians will become the most politically incorrect group on earth. There's a global counterfeit Christianity coming that's eventually going to lead to the Antichrist and many biblically illiterate Christians are going to embrace it. This global counterfeit will embrace everything from political socialism (Marxism) to pagan religions such as Hinduism and Taoism to monotheistic religions such as Islam and Judaism to mainline apostates such as Roman Catholicism. True Christians who know the Bible will reject this fraud and eventually suffer the consequences. And what will those consequences be? Jesus stated: "You must be on your guard. You will be handed over to the local councils and flogged in the synagogues. On account of me you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them. And this gospel must first be preached to all nations. Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial, do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit." (Mark 13:9-11)


But why are true Christians so hated by the world? Because behind the curtain of the physical realm exists a dark spiritual realm headed by Satan and his renegade angels and they hate Jesus Christ because Christ has provided the ultimate pardon for mankind's rebellion that the devil and his angels have been eternally shut out from. Thus, this dark spiritual realm wants to keep mankind in spiritual darkness by preventing the redemption of as many as they can. True Christians are conduits of God's grace to the world through the Gospel and as such, they are the devil's mortal enemies. Satan has had a timeless threefold cosmic plan for denying the Gospel; (1) the perversion of the Gospel by infiltrating the Church through his false prophets and false teachers; (2) compromising the Gospel with the world and its pagan religions through ecumenism and (3) the elimination of all true Christians from the face of the earth through genocide.


The early church immediately fell under assault from charlatans and heretics who promoted such perversions as Docetism and later Roman Catholicism which was established by Roman Emperor Constantine in the fourth century A.D. Catholicism was the official "Christian" religion of the world until a German Catholic Monk named Martin Luther launched the protest against Rome in the 16th century that became famously known as the Protestant Reformation. It is a reformation that Rome has never recognized and devised a plan to reverse with Vatican II. (1961-1965) The Vatican devised a plan to draw all "wayward sects" (non-Catholic churches) and world religions into its fold through ecumenicalism.


And the success of that plan is being realized. In 1986 for example, Pope John Paul II gathered several leaders of world religions together in Assisi Italy to pray for world peace. Among those he gathered were Islamic clerics, Buddhist Monks, Evangelicals, rabbis, animists and snake-worshippers.  And in 1993, the Vatican scored a huge ecumenical victory over Evangelicals when Rome cosigned the infamous ecumenical document with Evangelicals known as the ECC. (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) Among the Evangelicals who signed that document were Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson and Bill Bright. Truly, Luther and the early church reformers would've turned in their graves over such an agreement.


So what does all this have to do with a coming Christian Holocaust? Since the current state of world Christendom is weak and ineffectual, how will Rome play a prophetic part in a global genocide of Christians who refuse to bow to Rome and the Vatican's coming counterfeit Christ? Biblical prophecy reveals that the world's balance of power will shift from west to east and with that shift Islamic fundamentalism ("radical" Islam) will be transformed into a more moderate creed and blend in with Rome's global ecumenical religion. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel revealed 2,500 years ago that a menacing power would arise in what is now Iran, Iraq and Syria and would threaten the world until it would be defeated by a prominent western nation. (Daniel 8) There is little doubt that the western power is the United States that dismantled Saddam Hussein's Iraqi government under George Bush II and will eventually-albeit reluctantly-dismantle Iran and its fanatical Islamic government under either Barack Obama or his successor.


Once Iran has been diffused power will then shift from the United States to Eastern Europe as America's days as a superpower come to an end and Russia rises to become the last superpower on earth before the return of Christ. A key part of the prophetical puzzle that will be fulfilled when that happens will be the religious reconciliation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church when they end their 1,000-year separation and rejoin in a liturgical communion. When that happens, the stage will be set for Rome to unveil the Antichrist to the world who will then establish his global rule in Moscow.


But the stage has already been set for a Christian Holocaust. The Jews who survived Hitler's Holocaust and are still around well remember the relentless invective and insults hurled at them by Germany's intelligentsia and their media stooges leading up to Kristellnacht.  The hatred that is being leveled against Christians by western academia and their media acolytes is unprecedented. Christians are being accused of overpopulating the world by promoting large families and by opposing abortion and euthanasia; they are accused of contributing to Global Warming by having large families and they are accused of hatemongering by opposing homosexuality and by condemning Islam as a religion determined to conquer the world through violence.


But wait-there's more. Christians are also accused of being an intellectual stumbling block to education by opposing evolution as a fraud and they're accused of promoting violence by supporting the right to own firearms. All this will lead up to punitive restrictions on free speech, theology and eventually the right to assemble in churches. While Christians in America still have the right to freely speak against homosexuality, infanticide (abortion) and other religions, their freedom is going to end and they'll be forced to choose between Christ and godless secularism or between the biblical Jesus Christ and the counterfeit Antichrist. In nations such as Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Canada you risk being arrested and jailed for choosing Christ by speaking out against homosexuality or Islam.


The Bible tells us that when the Antichrist appears, he will demand ultimate devotion by instituting a global identification system based upon a computer microchip that will be implanted either in the foreheads or hands of people: "He (Antichrist) also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number (666) of his name." (Revelation 13:16-17) Those who refuse this mark will not only be unable to buy, sell, work or bank but they'll be marked for death. Their choice will either be Jesus Christ and persecution from the Antichrist or the Antichrist and eternal damnation for rejecting Christ. (Revelation 14:9-11)


Many Christians believe that they're going to escape the coming Christian Holocaust through the Rapture. They believe that those who are going to suffer persecution and death at the hands of the Antichrist will be "tribulation saints" who will miraculously commit to Christ after the Rapture occurs and Christ's true Church has been removed from the world. But that's a dangerous and unbiblical doctrine that has appeared in the past two centuries based upon cherry-picked doctrine that has been loosely interpreted and taken out of context. The Bible does promise the Rapture, but at the very end of the Tribulation period just before Christ returns, not before this period begins. (Matthew 24:30-31)


If you're a professing, Born-Again Christian, are you ready for persecution? Will you be willing to give up your life for Christ if you're asked to either accept him and die or deny him and live? Those are the type of questions that few Christians ponder in the comfort and ease of their prosperity churches. But inevitably, the good days will soon be over and darkness will spread over the entire world. And then you may be faced with the decision to accept the mark of a powerful world leader if you want to live or refuse that mark and be marked for death. The choice is yours. Jesus stated: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) Jesus laid down his life for you; are you willing to lay down yours for him?

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