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Saturday December 6, 2014
Sermon: Joseph and Jesus Pt. 3
Healing, Praise and Worship
5:00 p.m. Room T-9 Our Mission

First Century Christian Church of Northern Illinois is an independent, nondenominational church that was founded in 1996 with the purpose of preaching the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ free of the ecumenical constraints of organized religion.

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Your donation to First Century Christian Church will be used to help the poor and spread the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ rather than be used to fund the lavish lifestyles of self-important, self-promoting preachers and TV evangelists who offer Heaven and eternal life for donations. Our goal is to offer you a quality, uncompromised Biblical message with monthly updates that you won't receive in most mainline and independent churches that are more interested in being popular with the world rather than God. Click Here To Donate!
Bring It!
We want to hear your testimony about how you came to the Lord! Or, tell us about the miracles the Lord has done for you and we'll put them on our site to help fulfill the Great Commission! Just call us or email us, or just come on down to the fellowship! Our site has been viewed in over 100 nations, so you can help us reach the world for Christ!
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Where are the Miracles?

Why aren't we seeing miracles in the modern Christian Church? And why aren't we seeing the types of miracles that Jesus Christ, his disciples and the apostles performed 2,000 years ago? Did the miracles truly end with the death of the last apostle? Or, are there other reasons why miracles don't occur today?  Click Here!
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Joseph and Jesus Christ Pt. II

The life of Joseph, who was the son of Jacob, closely resembles the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Joseph was rejected by his brothers; taken to Egypt where he became the second most powerful man behind Pharoah and he later reconciled with his brothers. (Requires Windows Media Plug-in)  Click Here

Prophetic Outlook: The Great Falling Away

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 In Man's Image

According to biblical prophecy, knowledge will increase during the last days on earth preceding the return of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, not all knowledge is good knowledge. Some of this knowledge is going to be used for evil purposes such as espionage and creating a subordinate class of human-like robots that will replace human beings.
When Man Plays God
Coming December 7, 2014


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