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Saturday July 11, 2015
Sermon: The Burning House
Healing, Praise and Worship
5:00 p.m. Room T-9 Our Mission

First Century Christian Church of Northern Illinois is an independent, nondenominational church that was founded in 1996 with the purpose of preaching the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ free of the ecumenical constraints of organized religion.

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Your donation to First Century Christian Church will be used to help the poor and spread the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ rather than be used to fund the lavish lifestyles of self-important, self-promoting preachers and TV evangelists who offer Heaven and eternal life for donations. Our goal is to offer you a quality, uncompromised Biblical message with monthly updates that you won't receive in most mainline and independent churches that are more interested in being popular with the world rather than God. Click Here To Donate!
Bring It!

We want to hear your testimony about how you came to the Lord! Or, tell us about the miracles the Lord has done for you and we'll put them on our site to help fulfill the Great Commission! Just call us or email us, or just come on down to the fellowship! Our site was viewed in 150 nations in 2014, so that means you can help us reach the world for Christ!

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The Coming Cashless Society

The Bible reveals that in the very end times, the world is going to adopt a fully electronic, cashless monetary system. When the apostle John recorded that prophecy in 90 A.D., it didn't make any sense. However, it makes perfect sense today, considering the technology we now possess.  Click Here!
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Sowing and Reaping

Though many folks believe that sowing and reaping is merely an agricultural principle, it's also a spiritual principle. Everyone reaps what they sow, whether in education, sports, art, music or in personal actions. Those who sow sparingly, reap sparingly, while those who sow abundantly, reap a bounty. (Requires Windows Media Plug-in)  Click Here

Prophetic Outlook: Doctrines of Demons

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Manufactured Crisis

Nearly 3,000 years ago, a Hebrew prophet named Isaiah prophesied that a world government would arise in the end times. Is Isaiah's prophecy being fulfilled in our day? Indeed, we're seeing the foundation being built for a world government.
The Climate Change Hoax
Coming July 5, 2015


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