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  • Dark Minds and Evil Delusions

    Dark Minds and Evil Delusions
    Consider the iPhone, a device that's integral to the lives of millions of folks all over the planet. They've only been around since 2007. Or, consider the iPad, a portable device introduced in 2010 that solved the problem of those stationary PCs and cumbersome laptops.

  • The Prophetic Evil Times

    The Prophetic Evil Times
    Count them: There have already been 16 shootings on Chicago area expressways since the beginning of the year. Last year, the total was 40. In 2010, there were only six.

  • Losing Their Religion

    Losing Their Religion
    Oh, don't worry. Europe's not losing religion, just Christianity. While most churches are practically empty on Sundays, Europe's mosques are overflowing with young and vibrant worshipers.

  • Filthy Electronic Lucre

    Filthy Electronic Lucre
    Not only is it becoming more difficult to find a church in post-Christian Sweden these days, it's becoming more difficult to find one that still accepts old-fashioned money for tithes and offerings.

  • Russia and the 2016 Election

    Russia and the 2016 Election
    Does Russia want to start a war with the United States? Why have the Russians become increasingly bold in recent years with a series of provocative actions aimed at the U.S.?

  • Arabian Fables

    Arabian Fables
    There are two faces of Islam; the benevolent, cheerful, smiling face that preaches humility and tolerance toward all human beings, regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

  • Conspiracy Theories?

    Conspiracy Theories?
    Wikileaks is considered by many to be the Edward Snowden of international organizations that publishes sensitive material that governments, financial institutions, wealthy foundations and NGOs would rather not be published.

  • Remaking the World

    Remaking the World
    Nearly 2,800 years ago, the prophet Isaiah received a revelation from the Lord who used the ancient King of Assyria as a metaphor for a future diabolical king who will possess unlimited power to reshape the entire world.

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Russia versus America?

What's behind Russia's provocative military gestures that have been increasing against the United States in recent years? Just recently, the USS Donald Cook was approached by two Russian Su-24 fighter jets in the Baltic Sea before they took off. And Russian nuclear subs have been spotted cruising near America's shores in recent years.   Click Here!
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The Wonderful Cross

To most people, the cross is nothing but a religious symbol. But it means much more than just that. It's the symbol of eternal life. (Requires Windows Media Plug-in)  Click Here

Prophetic Outlook: The Epic of Atheism

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Upcoming Message

Persia's Coming Doom

A vision that the ancient Hebrew prophet Daniel received from God about 2,600 years ago predicts the coming destruction of Iran. What did Daniel see, and when will that vision be fulfilled?
TIre Last Days of Iran
Coming June 5, 2016


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